Choctawhatchee River Bridge – Newton, AL

A shallow hole near the bank of this bridge is said to be haunted.  For decades, whenever someone fills the hole in, it will be empty again within a day.  Even highway workers have attempted to fill the hole, but to no avail. 

The haunting is said to be caused by the spirit of Bill Sketoe, a former pastor of the local methodist church.  Although he was innocent, he was accused of being a traitor to the confederacy. He was hung by a group of vigilantes from a tree that that stood where the hole now is.  As he was being hung, the branch he was hung from bent enough that he could touch his toes to the ground. The vigilantes quickly dug a hole under his feet as the rope strangled him to death. 

Legend says that each of the six vigilantes reported meeting the innocent pastor’s ghost and eventually they all died violent deaths.  Locals have also reported seeing Bill Sketoe’s ghost. 

The hole remains in tact, right next to the new concrete bridge.

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