St. Andrew’s Church Road Bridge – Hollywood, MD

This bridge is thirty-eight miles south of Baltimore on Highway 5, then to Highway 4 (St. Andrew’s Church Road) then east about three miles to the bridge. This bridge is said to be haunted by two young ladies.

One young lady is rumored to be a young slave girl whose slave quarters was located near the site of the bridge. She murdered her slave owner who was sexually abusing her and was chased down and murdered by an angry posse shortly after. She is said to jump out in front of cars and cause accidents.

The other spirit is said to be a young lady who was run over by a car speeding around the curve near the bridge. Ironically, the person who it her was her own husband who was rushing home after the end of World War II. She was said to have been holding his baby in her arms and when she was hit by the car she hurled the baby into the icy waters below the bridge. The baby was never found, but report say it can still be heard crying. The bridge is now known as “Cry Baby Creek”